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Our baristas give our customers the soulful rock and roll vibe that our founder Todd Rippo envisioned for his cafe.


Every item is made to order at Java Café, and the presentation of each item is very important as well.


Our baristas are also our chefs. All Java team members are equal members of the team, and no one is more or less important than anyone else. Java Families are created in this unity, which is a major part of Java's difference.


A Java barista is responsible for:

  • Taking orders

  • Providing every customer with a quality cup of coffee, in a timely manner

  • Efficiently and beautifully preparing food orders

  • Operating the cash register

  • Stocking the condiment bar and wholesale items

  • Restocking fridges, cups, taking out the trash 

  • Making our customers feel at home and welcome

  • Knowing Java’s food and drink menu  

  • Communicating with our customers throughout their Java experience



  • Free coffee and pastry while on shift

  • A fun and inviting environment

  • Learn the art of coffee


Java bakes all our baked goods in-house every day.

Java is proud of its products and Java Families. Every baker should be proud of their work. Baked goods are delicious and beautiful, and you should be proud of what you are doing and have fun doing it.


A Java baker is responsible for:

  • Making baked goods before the doors open at 6 a.m.

  • Making our own homemade whip cream

  • Plating and displaying our baked goods

  • Preparing items for the next morning’s shift

  • Maintaining a clean and organized kitchen

  • Informing the management team of product shortages

Hours: Shift begins at 3 a.m. and ends when prep and cleaning are completed.



  • Free coffee while on shift

  • A fun and inviting environment

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