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Our Story

Note: The city is planning on remodeling a parking garage on the corner of Main and Wayne streets and has placed street signs on Main Street.
Java is open as usual and parking is available.  You can drive through the signs on Main Street and/or enter into the parking lot in the back of the building off of Jefferson.


Todd Rippo founded Java Cafe in November 1991 as a place where he'd want to hang out: a rock n' roll atmosphere where all are welcome, the music is a little loud, and the coffee is fresh roasted and fair trade.


Thirty years later, Todd’s legacy lives on with the newest addition to the Java family, Java South Bend. Java’s menus echo Todd’s southern California roots, including a hand-crafted bakery menu packed with recipes from Todd's sister Annie. The space provides an inviting atmosphere that brings a California cool, casual sophistication with a funky yet simple palette. It’s a place that is both familiar and fresh, honoring the past while embracing the present. Turn the music up, order another cup, & keep the energy going.

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